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  • Artwork Made Simple – New Digital Art Services

    Does creating artwork make you want to pull out your hair? Unless you're a graphic designer, creating artwork for clients is a challenge. Vectorizing and color separations? Uffda. What should take a few hours ends up taking days to figure out the design and make it print ready.

    Or maybe you simply do not have the time to create artwork. You have a small team and your time needs to be spent on fulfilling orders. If there was a way to pass off the artwork creation and setup to someone else, you would.

    We hear you, printers. That's why we're pumped to announce the launch of our new digital art services., powered by GraphX Source, will help you with your art that needs to be vectorized, color separated, or digitized, and get it back quickly and print-ready at a reasonable price.

    Learn More:

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    How would we be able to get more color seperation work done since is no longer up and running?


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