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  • The Heat Press, Every Printer's Secret Tool

    Every screen print shop needs a heat press.

    Every. Single. One.

    Why would you even need a heat press in a shop? Many reasons...

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    It's used to remove any excess moisture or creases from the shirt. Some shirts come with a pre-treatment wash, and heating up the garment with the t-shirt heat press helps adhesion.
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      Hi, does anyone use a Refretonic MT-TA3 heat press? I wanna take it for my small brand, but I'm not sure. It is pretty expensive and I need to decide if it is really worth the price. Please let me know if you use it, I would be happy to hear your comments.


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        As a small shop, I would love to have a nice heat press. It would have to be 16x20" though as many of my customers want large or oversized prints. Unfortunately a $1200-1700 heat press just isn't in the current budget. So instead, I use a $40 iron and a piece of parchment paper. It takes longer, is more work, but the results are just as good. I rarely use this process. Usually only when I am fighting fibrillation.


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