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  • cryocoat

    while I know the site says it is not recommended for use with exposure units smaller than 25x36. I am going to try using cryocoat with the rxp-16x20 that came with the Semi-Pro 4 Color Screen Printing Kit. does anyone have any recommendations on the use of it and exposure times and things of that nature.

    thanks in advance

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    Always always always use the 21 step calculator when finding exposure times. Start at 3 minutes and adjust from there. I expect you to be over exposed - read the exposure calculator and adjust your times based on what it gives you.


    • DreamTree Designz
      DreamTree Designz commented
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      thank you, i am going to calculate it today. I burned a screen at 3:30 and i think it was over exposed. the image was a pain to try and was out then the emulsion started to wash out. burning these screens have been a pain for me.
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