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    FN-INK™ was designed by screen printers, for screen printers to be easy to work with. The FN-INK™ line includes 15-ready-to-use colors, including a Dye-Blocker Grey for use with polyester fabrics requiring low temp curing. The fact that the entire line of FN-INK™ easily cures at lower temperatures, means shops should see real gains in production. With FN-INK™ we are taking low-cure seriously, and we're talking about a 260 final cure temp. This makes FN-INK™ one of the most versatile inks for a wide range of textiles & specialty garments. The Ryonet team is really excited to debut the FN-INK™ line for the first time in person printing at ISS Fort Worth.

    FN-INK™ was manufactured to be a great ink at a great retail price, day in and day out. Giving printers the peace of mind that their hard earned dollars are getting the best ROI with FN-INK™.

    The North American market of plastisol ink manufacturers is small, and the list seems to be consolidating more and more, even as prices continue to increase. We are excited to introduce FN-INK™ as one of the few NEW plastisol ink lines to become available to the North American market in a long time that is BOTH Effective and Economical. Ryonet is very excited to partner with Achitex Minerva, an industry leading Italian ink manufacturer with a long history of serving the screen printing ink markets throughout Europe.

    A modern print shop needs to be able to focus on improving productivity, while saving money, and in the process grow their capacity.

    With the skyrocketing prices of plastisol inks, it was important for us to create an ink for any printer that wants to take a stand with us against crazy ink prices.

    This is why we set out to design a financially necessary plastisol ink line, it’s FN-INK™. STOP READING, START PRINTING

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      You should put some samples which you printed with these inks, as almost everyone here is in the printing industry. People need to see what it does rather than study it.


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        I've used a few of these inks so far, and I think they are great! The only one that I haven't liked as much was the black, as I thought it was a little too runny and would bleed through and over saturate my prints. With the black, I learned to not flood the screen and carefully do about two passes depending on the garment color. Or just print through a finer mesh screen. Other than that, these inks are top notch. I especially like using their white, it is very opaque and prints great.


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