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  • Setting up a homeshop, how much space minimum is needed?

    So I've been screen printing for a few years now. I'm fortunate enough to have gotten into the industry working full-time. So I already have a lot of knowledge on screen printing, with a background in graphic design prior to that. However I've started on Freedom Workhorse Auto. I'm not familiar with just how much space I'll need for a manual setup. My biggest issues isn't so much finding or buying equipment (though I still have to figure that out) but the hardest thing is going to be the space and where to put everything. I'll probably have to start with the smaller Vastex dryer to save space, but aside from that I'm not sure what kind of room dimensions I'll need to get everything going. I know enough about screen printing that I'm confident in running the shop myself, so as long as there is space for a single person that's all I'll need.

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    Hey, awesome question! Personally, I would say a two-car garage is ideal if you want everything in one area. You can make a one-car garage work but would probably need to find a different area for your darkroom. Most manual presses take up about 7-8ft in diameter plus a conveyor dryer that would be 5-8ft long 24-36in wide. I believe I have a shop layout. Let me find it and send it your way.


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