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  • Assistance Determining How Many Heat Transfers Should Go on a Screen (w/different sizes)

    I'm having a difficult time trying to automatically calculate the number of heat transfers I can put on a screen for multiple shirt sizes.

    Let's say I have the following order for shirts:

    XS - 5
    S - 31
    M - 26
    L - 19
    XL - 9

    I can fit 9 tag transfers on my screen so, each size will get the following spots on the screen:

    XS - 1
    S - 3
    M - 2
    L - 2
    XL - 1

    I have manually figured out that I would need to print 14 sheets. HOW CAN I FIGURE THIS OUT IN EXCEL OR GOOGLE SHEETS?? Does anyone know?

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    I have always done it around they way you have. If I print extras, then I printed extras and they sat around until the customer ordered again. Even for orders in the thousands.

    Transfer paper is cheap and its not worth sweating the small details. If I need exact quan***ies so there are little no leftovers, I make 2 or 3 screens so the math works out.


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