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  • An ER Nurses's Take on Screen Printing // by: Charlie Veuleman

    Having owned my own screen printing shop, my screen printing journey started way before I arrived at Ryonet. Now I get to help shops automate their processes and take their production to the next level. Along the way I had the great fortune and drive to go to nursing school and fall in love with the Emergency Department as a Registered Nurse in the great state of Louisiana. Even to this day, I still work in our ER’s here in my hometown, and carry a bunch of probably unnecessary equipment and supplies on me when I travel everywhere. Hey, luck favors the prepared, right?

    As an RN, I’ve gotten to see some really gnarly stuff, so health related things are always on my mind. Things like what we breath in and what comes in contact with our skin, just to name a few. Those things in particular have long caused me to ponder what the long term effects of the screen printing process is on our bodies.

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