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  • 23x31 Newman Frames on Riley Hopkins 6/4 WIN

    Is it possible to use 23x31 M3-UL Newman Frames on a Riley Hopkins 6/4 WIN if adding second and/or heavier tension springs?

    Are the arms long enough to properly position the pallets?
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    Hi mcramer.

    Yes, you can use the Newman frames, with some caveats.

    First, yes you will want another set of springs. The frames are a bit heavier than static frames and the torque/outward force when spinning can also cause the screens to fall.

    Second, you will need some Newman Clamp Adapters

    These allow the back clamp to get a good solid grip on the round frames.

    As for positioning the platens. You will end up pulling the platens out further than you have with the 20x24 screens. But if you have used 23x31 statics, everything will be in the same place. You will not be able to pull the platen all the way out to the top of the screen as you can with the 20x24 frames. But you will have lots of real estate to do your printing.


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      Hey there mcramer!

      We use 23x31 MZX Newman’s on our older style Riley 6/4 Win with success. As mentioned above, getting an extra set of springs is necessary as well as clamp adapters.

      We have also swapped out all the heads for side clamps instead.

      In regards to the positioning of the platens, we have found it necessary to expose the image further down the screen to accommodate the slightly shorter length of the arms.

      With that said, if I had to do it again I would recommend looking into the Riley 350. The arm length on that press should be suitable for 23x31 screens as well as it coming with additional springs. For what we spent to upgrade our Win, a 350 would have been a better investment for us had it been available at the time. Not to mention that it comes with tighter registration, an updated registration gate, tool free tilt adjustment, off contact adjustment, etc.


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