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  • MY FIRST AUTOMATIC please any help!!

    Thinking about getting my first AUTOMATIC any advise from the GURU'S please i would appriciate it
    whats better? USED? LEASED? pros and CONS?? airheads? or electric ? best advise? for ENTRY LEVEL AUTOMATIC
    thanks evenyone!!!

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    Hey Blackcat Printing! I'm an automated equipment specialist at Ryonet. We can help you determine when is the right time for a manual shop to upgrade to their first auto and which model or configuration press will be the best solution to fit your needs. Would you like to connect on a phone call to explore this in more detail?


    • noreastDave
      noreastDave commented
      Editing a comment
      can confirm, Brian Richards is an auto specialist, he was instrumental in getting us transitioned.

    • forgedthroughfire
      forgedthroughfire commented
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      I'll reconfirm that Brian is the man to talk to if you haven't already.
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