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  • Ink climbing squeegee and flood

    Hey guys I’m new. I have been doing a lot of google searching and cannot seem to find a good answer to my problem. I have a Brown Electraprint jr. I know it’s not the best press but it was affordable and seems to do a fair job.

    To the point I started screen printing manually like everybody else. I bought this Press and it has been wonderful. It has a few quirks but all of them are tolerable. The one thing I can’t seem to stop is Ink climbing up the squeegee and flood bar. It seems like an exaggeration but to get a good flood I end up with almost an entire quart of ink in a 20 x 24 screen. It also seems to not matter what ink I use. If i use white streetfighter 2 it climbs up just like union black. Maxopaque is definitely worse but I have to be doing something wrong.

    Does anybody have any useful tips?
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    Hi Sn1per!

    Can you upload a couple pictures of what you are seeing? The inks you are describing are definitely "shorter bodied", but your squeegee and floodbar angles can have an impact on how far the ink goes up your squeegee. And yes, adding a quart of ink when printing on an auto is very normal.

    Do you know how how your platens are getting during production?

    How hot is your ink getting as well?

    You can use a laser temp gun to get these answers.


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