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  • It's getting heated over here!! Are you a pusher or puller, why? Log in and weigh in below!!


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    I'm all about the push! I have to admit that I pull sometimes for small images and almost always pull when printing flatstock but pushing gives me a nice consistent print and saves my shoulder from hell. Why would you pull when you can push?!


    • Leinbacher
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      Just an update: #winning

    • forgedthroughfire
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      Interesting how many more push. I've seen this argument a ton of times in other forums.

      I usually tell people that pushing mimics the same movement down the screen that an auto does. Biggest thing is squeegee angle.

      I usually get blasted at that point. LOL.

    • buggytownink
      buggytownink commented
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      I pull because I find my prints aren't as sharp when I push

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    ok.... I am going to sound like a hardass here... For mechanical reasons - you should ALWAYS pull.

    Down force on the squeegee blade and maximum control over squeegee angle and speed are the defining factors why pulling is superior.

    There are a few, very specific, occasions when pushing is acceptable from a mechanics standpoint.

    The reason why someone would choose to push, should only be based on their physical stature. If they do not have the strength to pull, their hands are to small, or they have arthritis etc. These are all major limiters on a printers ability to pull a squeegee.

    In the end however - if you can create a print that blows your customers away - print however you want!


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      I pull for flat stock (transfers) and push for everything else but agree with Chuggins - I get better prints with pull (ever noticed that an automatic only pulls) -- but pulling on a large order just wears me out.


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        The debate over pushing vs pulling a squeegee has been a hot button topic since the day I started screen printing. For me personally, the quality & consistency of the print is always the most important thing when it comes to printing. That is why there is no question that PULLING is the only way to print. The squeegee blade is designed to have ink flow underneath the front edge of the squeegee, giving maximum control over the look and feel of the print. If you pay close attention to any automatic press, autos only PULL the squeegee. Balancing the trifecta of speed vs pressure vs angle while pulling the squeegee will always result in the best quality prints.


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          I'm a pusher.

          I'm a puller.

          I'm an ink slinging joker.

          Alright, seriously though. I push probably 95% of my prints.

          The reason being is that I have sufficiently damaged both shoulders years ago and one is completely reconstructed. Pulling creates massive pain so I avoid it at all cost.

          This does mean that I have had to learn different techniques and proper angles for pushing the ink. And I do agree that pushing can be trickier than pulling. Definitely more possibilities to drop a squeegee face first into the ink. I mean. I've never done that.


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            Push all day long..... For me, keeps a cleaner screen, I have learned over time how to make great prints pushing, never actually bothered pulling (maybe once or twice when I started 4 years ago). I draw the ink from the top of the screen to flood then push it back to the "well" and it is faster, cleaner and offers less stress to the body.


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              I've been more than 25 years in the business of screen printing.
              I had try it all, pulling, pushing, sideways even diagonal.

              First thing you have to consider is the material you're going to print, cotton, poly, blends, tri-blends, etc.
              Secondly is the color of the Garment. If it's a dark garment and you need to put a white down, I will prefer to pull all my colors; if it's a light color garment, I will push instead.

              let's see the main reason of why we have to do this:
              All about angles....

              When pulling the ink, the angle between the squeegee and the stencil it's about 30 to 40 degrees.
              But when you are pushing the ink, the angle changes and is now between 50 to 60 degrees.

              Greater angle means: less ink and sharp image.

              For dark garments always PULL

              Greetings to all



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                Much respect to Gustavo and I will pay attention to his points. Experience always gets my attention! It just has always seemed like a chicken and egg question to me. My wife and I both push and pull depending on the project, and on longer runs sometimes I will get really crazy and switch it up. I do tend to default to push after having to print with a broken elbow last year.

                Seems like the on-screen physics would be essentially the same. When I think about the of the 90* edge of the blade on the screen it is trapping/moving ink regardless of direction. We control the angle. If there is a lot of pressure maybe even less smashing of ink on a push and more of a sheer...?


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                  The downside to pushing is the lack of control on your downforce pressure. This affects your ink shear and the nuanced control of your ink deposit. On a Macro scale, its not a big deal. On the micro scale there are obvious differences.


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                    I used to push but have recently switched to pull stroke and feel like I have more control. Trying out the EZ grip squeegee and I like the hand position, I feel that it is more comfortable and less strain on shoulders.


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                    We push because that way it leaves all the ink on the back side of the screen and its better ergonomically on your body and wrists to push instead of pull.


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                      Where are the pullers all at! Oh pullin 4 Eva


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                        I use both techniques. It just depends on what I’m printing. Pushing is easier for me because I’m short. But I still use pulling as well. I get great prints with both and haven’t had a problem with either one.


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                          Pusher! I have more control pushing the ink than I'm short, feel like I need a step stool!


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