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  • Class tees

    Hello All,
    I am working with class tees and already ruined 3 screens.
    Does any one have any tip or trick to washout the screen after being burned. I don't want to apply too much pressure so I just use a normal hose with gun attachment but it seems that in some areas I am not spraying correctly and not al the letters in some names are coming out. Help..
    by the way, I'm using a 110 screen and have around 300 names on the shirt.

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    Hi Joe,

    Sounds like you may be trying to resolve an image with to much detail on your 110 mesh. Do you have a 156 or 200 mesh screen you can try this on?

    Also, do you have the 21 step exposure calculator? What are your results using that?


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      I have 160 screen, but since I am running white ink, I thought 110 would be better.
      I don't have the 21 step exposure calculator... is that something I can download?


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