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  • Tip For Getting More Turnovers In Madden 24

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    No matter what Madden 24 game mode you are playing, you will need to force turnovers to win more games because this will end your opponent’s offensive momentum and give your offense a chance to score. However, forced turnover is risky in the game, and you can take some specific measures to increase the chances of turnovers. So, this guide will show you some tips for getting more turnovers in Madden 24.

    Forcing fumbles is one of the more common ways to get turnovers in Madden 24. The first step is to add defensive players that are built around forcing fumbles, particularly heavy hitters like linebackers and safeties. Ideally, they should have high ratings in hit power, tackling, and pursuit, such as Roquan Smith(94,140 MUT 24 Coins) destroys ball carriers with extremely impressive ratings: 97 Tackle, 95 Pursuit, and 87 Hit Power. This makes it hard to avoid him, and you are guaranteed to go down once he gets close. Also, you should look for players with the “Avalanche” zone ability. This will ensure that all tackles performed with the hit stick while running downhill automatically result in a forced fumble, so long as the player is “in the zone”.

    Another way to force turnovers is by intercepting the ball from the other team. In terms of talent, you should prioritize cornerbacks and safeties with high ratings in man coverage, zone coverage, and play recognition. These will be the most important attributes to read the play and pick the ball off while it’s in the air. In addition, you need also look for players with “Shutdown” abilities as it will increase the chances that your player will secure an interception on contested balls.

    Last, you can make a variety of coaching adjustments, which will have an immediate impact on forcing mistakes. The first adjustment refers to your anti-air ball: you can instruct your defender to play the ball instead of the catcher. This means that any player defensively passing the ball will seek to intercept instead of following the catcher and tapping the ball. But this will be risky because the players will leave their mission to intercept.

    That’s everything you need to know about how to force turnovers in Madden 24. If you’re interested in more content, be sure to check out our guides section here at U4gm.​
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