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    Hello, I have had an 8' x 24" BBC conveyor for quite some time. And I have been fighting it like crazy since I bought it. Model number is BB08-6100C and it was MFGd in 2011. It's not that old, there isn't much to these dryers, so I know it can be fixed. I just replaced all of the electrical components (relay, potentionometer, and male & female connectors) and it did not remedy my inconsistent heating issue. Below is the message I sent directly to BBC. I have been trying to work with them for months on this, and their help has been less than decent. The guy I have been working with doesn't read my entire email/issues and only answers some questions. And has given me incorrect information multiple times. I thought BBC was a reputable company with high quality products, but I cannot help but question that now.

    "Ok man, none of the electrical upgrades fixed my dryer issue. Today I was running a one color white plastisol print on Comfort Colors tees. Got the temp gun to read between 340-350 (center of print was at 350, sides were at 340) which is where my gun reads when the prints do not crack when pulled. When the gun reads at 320-330 the prints crack on the outside every single time. So that tells me that just because the temp gun reads at 320-330 that it isn't necessarily the actual temp. And that to get to a 330 temp, the gun needs to read at 340 at least.

    Ok so I ran about 6 prints through by themselves and was getting the 340-350 consistently, so I started to do the whole run. Then after about 12 shirts I checked it again (these shirts went through the dryer together back to back like when printing normally) and when I checked the last couple, the gun was reading at 320-330, quite a drop. I let them cool and gave them a tug on the side of the print and it was cracking like crazy. So, any idea why the temps is dropping 20-30 degrees there? Then after I laid those tees out I ran a single tee through and the gun read at 360-370! What the hell is going on here? When I send them through back to back, it isnt hot enough. When it is just one, its too hot. I cannot continue like this. It is just killing me.

    Is there an ambient temp fluctuation that when I run the tees through back to back, that the first tees are getting hotter and the last tees get less heat? Did the first tees soak up the ambient heat and the last ones not get enough? If you could please address these issues, I would really appreciate it. Maybe it would be worth speaking to some of the technicians or folks who design the machines...?

    I am even considering replacing the heating elements. I am really disappointed that there is sometimes a 20-30 degree difference when comparing the middle of the print to the sides, just a few inches away. That tells me the panels are not consistent with heat from center to the sides. I thought BBC panels were supposed to be some of the most evenly heated in the industry. That is too much of a temp difference.

    If you could let me know how much it cost for new heat panels, that would be great. I am also considering paying the $200 to get your technicians to come and look at the dryer. I am that desperate at this point. The current performance is costing me lots of time and money. If it is possible to speak to one of them myself, I would love that. Also, can you tell me the wire type and size for the wire going from the relay box to the panels? You mentioned you didn't offer replacement cables for this anymore, but I have a couple of friends who are electricians and they could help me source and build a new cable. I just need to know what to buy. And the silver squeeze connector thing too."

    As you can see I am getting crazy fluctuations in temps during print runs. Is slows me down sooooo much and its absolutely killing me. If anyone took the time to read, and my apologies for the long winded post, but I just do not know where else to go. I am desperate to say the least.

    Crazy thing about BBC is when I brought up using a donut probe to dial in temps, the guy im working with acted like he had never even heard of a donut probe. How does an industry leader not know what that is? He basically said they just recommend using a standard ol temp gun. Its making me question their reputation.

    Can anyone please help??? Colin, if you are reading this, can you advise, or maybe even give me a call? I do not know what else to do. ​

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    Spencer! I'm on the Ryonet team, sorry to hear and would love to assist. Can you reach out to us at 800-314-6390 or email [email protected], or hit us up in the chats on
    I've got the whole team on standby waiting to assist "Spencer with a conveyor dryer issue!"


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      Originally posted by tiediedrive
      Spencer! I'm on the Ryonet team, sorry to hear and would love to assist. Can you reach out to us at 800-314-6390 or email [email protected], or hit us up in the chats on
      I've got the whole team on standby waiting to assist "Spencer with a conveyor dryer issue!"
      Thank you for the reply! I just got off the phone with Darrell from Ryonet's support team and he was a big help. I now have a good grasp on a few things which we believe when remedied, will fix my issues.

      I should add to this thread that it has been brought to my attention that I was expecting too much from BBC. They do not specialize in screen printing and that they just know how to build heaters. And that any specifics regarding actual screen printing issues should be handled by their suppliers and other pros who use their equipment. They should really only be utilized for technical info regarding electrical or mechanical inquiries about BBC equipment.

      I know my OP was long and dramatic, but I have been dealing with these inconsistencies for too long and getting nowhere was taking its toll on me. A 30 min call with Darrell from Ryonet was more helpful than months of troubleshooting emails and phone calls with the MFG. Again, no fault of the MFG, they just don't know the reasons for the issues Im having, or have the actual experience with the ink curing process like seasoned printers do. I am quite certain now that I have a good handle on how to move forward.

      Thanks again Darrell!


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