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  • Looking for the Best Manual Screen Printing Machine

    I am launching a clothing line and trying to find out what the best machine for a newbie would be? At least a four color machine, or is it cheaper and easier to contract out the printing?

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    I mean, unless you really want to dive in and have tons of money, time and energy to invest in learning a new craft, it is definitely cheaper to contract the printing. You need more than just the press - conveyor dryer, flash unit, ink, exposure unit, washout system, way to prepare separations.. That said, if you are serious about this, I would recommend the Riley Hopkins 4 color 1 station press as a way to dip your toes in the water without risking too much. If you want a nice press that won't let you down, check out Vastex. I have been using a Vastex 8 color 8 station manual to run my shop the last 4.5 years and have zero complaints. Will cost a lot, but that's the price you pay for consistency, reliability, and quality. A press like the Riley Hopkins won't have any micro adjustments, and is very bare bones to say the least - most printers could consider it a toy press - but you have to start somewhere


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      I am also interested to start screen printing one color one station for start and I have read that you can dry the ink with heatpress or a heatgun!Is it possible?
      After checking this review TECHTONGDA 6 Color 6 Station Screen Printing Machine seems very premium to me and thinking to buy this one.
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        When I had a business with manual screen printing machines I used the brand ROQ:
        It was easy to use and I was able to fill all the orders I had. Over the years I believe they have even better options.


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          Where are you from?

          I can suggest you a local shop that you can visit. they might guide you better.

          I recently joined them. You can join them too

          They are based in east London near manor park (Romford Road)

          I have attached the link


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