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  • exposure time help, 3 second over exposed?

    Hi all, so I'm in need of some guidance,
    so like the ***le says, I'm having exposure times issues,
    as of right now I'm using ryonet WBP red. I've used the ecotex Tex red right before this due to needing emulsion ASAP, but Ryonet Red is what im used too.
    Recently I've changed my exposure setup from 8 Fluorescent bulbs( very old setup from 10 years ago) to 2 60w UV LED flood lights. i was going from 3:30 minutes to what the closest I've gotten to a decent exposure of 3 SECONDS. I'm just getting back into screen printing, like i said my setup is about 10 years old. (i still have a few pints of Ryonet White and Jet Black, do they still sell these?)
    I KNOW should have been using a exposure calculator but I've been too stubborn to get one, now I've ordered it but from what i have so far, am i using too strong bulbs? plus where would my starting be if i have to divide from 3 seconds... I'm half a pint through emulsion, I've got the Baselayr Long Lasting Emulsion also but didn't want to start using it until I got the hang of this.

    my DIY exposure unit is about 35x24 and the bulbs are about 8 inches from the glass.

    Any advice is greatly appreciated
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