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  • Different screens for sizes??

    So I’ve heard that people will burn a larger image for larger garments like 2xl and up... but then I was wondering... is an imagine done on a large gonna look good on a small?

    now I’m in my head wondering if I need to burn three separate screens? Is this a thing that is often done?

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    The image you use for a adult size will usually do a small to XL. We resize for 2XL and up if necessary or downsize for the odd toddler.


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      I know this is months after your post, but I've owned a screen printing company for 20 years. We print 10.5"w (max on front) on everything from YXS-5X. We only burn additional sizes for toddlers. We print 12"w on backs. We've never had a complaint. If a customer requests different sizes, we charge for screens and setup. They never do. Good luck to you!


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