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  • Best Printer

    Hi everyone,

    New here and just looking for some more experienced input. Im looking to set up a home studio and need advice on a good quality printer to print very detailed single colour halftone positives. I have used printers in the past that end up with a gridding or moire effect across my image. Im looking for something that equally handles fine half tone and printing large solid areas. Any suggestions would be very welcome.



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    Hey there,

    I'm sort of in the same boat as you are - just getting a very DIY home setup up and running. I've been looking into inexpensive printers briefly so I can print acetate film positives. It seems like the Canon PIXMA TS5320
    is a good deal - it's about $129 where I'm at (Canada) and the step up would be the PIXMA iX6820 for like $229. The specs look great and is said to be great for transparencies. I think that's what I'm veering towards so I can get into experimenting with CMYK and have good quality positives. Hope this was helpful!


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