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  • Sprayable Discharge?

    Hey, guys!
    We're working on some custom totes for a sushi restaurant in town and we're looking to do some weird stuff with discharge ink. Their branding uses torn paper as a stencil for spray painted mountains (to look like old Japanese ukiyo-e prints), so we were hoping to accomplish the same effect with discharge in a spray bottle on some black canvas bags. I haven't used discharge in years, but I remember it being pretty damn goopy, so maybe this is a pipe dream? Hoping to achieve lots of variation from bag to bag so we're trying to avoid making a screen (or tons of different screens). Worried bleach might be too intense and compromise the strength of the bag. . .

    I attached an example of the mountains from their branding made with spray paint and torn paper. Obviously the spray bottle version would be a lot chunkier and grungy (which is perfect!). I also attached the sketch for the bag concept.

    Any ideas?

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    Scan the mountains and make a halftone screen. Using only white should work, although maybe using white and gray (two screens) works better.


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