I am new to Screen Printing. I recently purchased a DIY kit and have been practicing it with my future wife.
We still have a long way to go before actully seeking clients and going ham.
I wanted to ask all you experienced talented peeps how you felt when you jumped into screen printing. Since even thinking about screen printing I have been on this consistent high. I cannot get it out of my mind and even if big mistakes are made I still seem to easily hang on. Most of my life ive delt with stress/anxiety and its affected every part of my life. This isnt stressful but why? It took me 10 years to finally try screen printing and the feeling I experienced from it was tbh different than any other new creative task ive tried. My lovely partner has been feeling similar things almost as if its a calling or ment to be. Maybe its covid? Maybe its the coffee? Idk but I hope to hear from some of you!

I am a: