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  • Mixed results with silk screening on painted metal

    Hi! First post and pretty exited to join the community!

    My ink is:
    Marastar SR

    and my auxiliaries:
    10% UKV1 Thinner
    10% SV1 Retarder, mild

    My piece is separated 5mm from my screen.

    I'm having mixed results when applying different techniques to my prints, what I do is:
    1. Spread my ink softly over the mesh like butter
    2. Firmly pull towards me at a 45% degree with my pallet
    This gives a great coverage but not very good detail, ink is spread evenly but details are blurred.
    On the other hand, when I:
    1. Spread my ink softly over the mesh like butter
    2. Firmly PUSH away from me at a 45% degree with my pallet
    My results are very defined, crisp and all thin lines are very detailed, but spread is not even and often some ink doesn't transfer leaving my with patches where no ink is applied

    I've tried emailing the company that makes the inks and the shop that sold them but I'm getting no response, anybody have an idea of how I can better my pints?
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    This is not something we at Ryonet normally work with. But I will do what I can.

    My first thought is to sharpen up your squeegee angle when you pull. Try an angle of 10°-15° from straight up when you pull. Also, you may want to go higher in your mesh count to help keep the edge and design detail you need. Aside from that, pester the company that sold you the inks. They should be able to help, its their job. If they don't want to help, switch to a company that will support you with education and buy their product. Hope this helps!


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