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  • Printing on felt/wool pennants

    Hello! Screen printer for about 5 years here, however, I've only ever printed on paper. I'd like to print some pennants, but need some guidance. I did this quick test (using a screen I had lyng around).. I had to do about 5 pulls to even get it this dark. I used a 230 screen and Permaset Suercover ink. I assume I'll need to go down to a 156 screen (at least?), but other than that, I'd love some tips. Can this be done with water based inks, for instance? THanks in advance

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    Hi Hamster!

    So felt and wool are VERY absorptive materials. Meaning they will soak up whatever ink you plan on using. Doing a print/flash/print method will be necessary to achieve any kind of brightness to the ink layer. Maybe several flashes and prints depending. You can use a High Solids Acrylic ink (HSA) but you will need to work a bit. Lower mesh counts are definitely desirable.

    Do you hav a flash unit?


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      Hi Chuggins! Thanks for the reply. I do have a flash unit, thanks for a friend who moved I'm going to try with a 156 mesh, flash in between, and use the Green Galaxy Warp Drive additive, using Permaset Supercover ink. I think that should be good? Thanks again!


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        You should be fine - the ink MAY dry out fairly fast - so be aware and have a spray bottle of water handy!


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