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  • Eliminating Color Cartridges from Inkjet Printer

    Hello all, first post. I work as an industrial screen printer in a metal finishing shop. We do anodizing, chemical conversion coating, powder coat, and wet spray. We also do screen printing, mostly on parts we finish. This consists mainly of labeling holes, and part marking, but does involve some multicolor logo work. I like telling people I'm a graphic artist, sounds so much better than a hole labeler.

    So, we've been using a large format inkjet printer for generating our artwork for the past 15, or so, years. Epson 7600. Time has come to replace our printer. The replacement our company wants to purchase is the HP DesignJet T530. First off, any opinions on this specific printer? Secondly, both these printers have chips mounted on their ink cartridges. When we first bought the Epson someone was selling empty color cartridges with a chip that was programed to fool the printer into thinking the cartridges were always full so that you could run just the two black cartridges. We never did this, so consequently over the years we purchased, and wasted many color ink cartridges. But the printer was able to print in color on the rare instances we needed it to.

    My question is two part. Is there a good large format inkjet printer out there designed to print exclusively in black? Is there a similar workaround to what I described for the Epson to eliminate the need to have working color cartridges in the printer? Thanks in advance for any help.

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    The best inkjet printers on the market are still Epson. Currently its the T-3270. It will print up to 24" wide.

    However, there is no traditional All Black ink system for this. You can find a third party reseller on the web, but it 100% voids your warranty.

    The new Epson OEM inks do have a UV blocking ingredient and works VERY well for our needs in textile screen printing.

    If you are looking for a new printer other than the one listed above: Make sure it is on the approved list for your rip software!


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