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  • How to Screen Print a Vintage Look

    The purpose of a vintage print is to recreate what an older, aged print would look like. The print itself looks faded, well-worn. It has texture. The shirt appears through the print. The process of creating a vintage print isn’t complicated. You can do it with proper artwork and one screen.

    Let’s walk through the process of designing a vintage print, setting it up for production, and printing for an old-school look on a brand new t-shirt.
    Vintage prints have been a popular design choice for a long time. You can create a vintage print by taking a design and deliberately making that design look lighter on the garment so that the shirt color is influencing it but it also looks aged and worn. Want to learn how? Print expert Josh Wells walks you through the

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    I got some vintage screen printed t-shirt designs From Viz Apparel, and they did it so well, the print quality is top-notched and the pricing is very reasonable


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