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  • How Cutting out the Middleman Led to Aerogant Printing Company

    Jerome has owned his streetwear clothing brand, Aerogant Apparel Co., since 2016. He worked with other print shops to print his brand. One time, Jerome was headed to a trade show when he thought of a last-minute design that would be perfect for the show. Because the order had a quick turnaround, the print shop charged extra. That didn’t bother him.

    What did bother Jerome was the timeline. The print shop didn’t fill his order until the day after the trade show. Because of this, Jerome decided to take matters into his own hands.

    “Why would I put that pressure on someone else? I can just do it myself going forward,” Jerome said.
    Every screen printer starts his or her journey differently. Some start out of a need to make an income, others use screen printing as a hobby. Jerome Haygood, owner of Aerogant Printing Company in Columbus, Ohio, started his screen printing shop in order to cut out the middleman. While he began printing solely for his
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