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  • Should DIY Screen Printers Get a Riley Hopkins 150 Press or a DIY Press?

    Before you put money down on a press, ask yourself one important question: why are you choosing to screen print? For many printers, screen printing starts as a fun hobby, then turns to something bigger when people see that you’ve printed your own rad shirts. They ask you to make some shirts for them, and pretty soon you have a side hustle.

    Some printers want to stay strictly DIY. If you’re a screen printing hobbyist and not looking to take your hobby further, a DIY press is perfect for you. If you’re looking to turn screen printing into a money-making endeavor, consider investing in a screen printing press that will work as hard as you do to make your dreams a reality.
    If you’re just starting your screen printing journey, you might be a little overwhelmed. With the sheer amount of equipment options available, there’s a lot to decide. Choosing which press to buy is the first and most important step of getting started. But which press should you buy? Let’s compare two beginner presses:
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