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  • The Lowdown Between Baselayr Complete and Cryocoat

    The features of Baselayr Complete sound like Cryocoat emulsion. Are they the same thing? The two are similar, but they have their differences. Think of Baselayr Complete as Cryocoat 2.0. Complete has enhanced everything that Cryocoat can do. Complete exposes quicker, rinses details out better, and reclaims easier. Thanks to its high solids concentration, the emulsion bridges mesh great. You’ll get a higher quality stencil with Baselayr Complete.
    Baselayr Complete and Cryocoat. They sound similar. They look alike. They seem to match in performance. Are they the same? Are they different? Why should you use Baselayr Complete? All your questions and more are answered in this post. WHAT IS BASELAYR COMPLETE EMULSION? Baselayr Complete is a pre-sensitized, high soli
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