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  • Screen Print Experience in Brooklyn New York with our friends at Ampersand

    Ampersand's niche is focused primarily on local businesses that they personally connect and identify with, and mostly through word of mouth. They pride themselves on their quality & service which hasn't changed since the first day. "I truly love screen printing with a passion and respect the process involved. I started my career as a Ryonet student, so it means a lot to be an EDU partner, to be able to share with others what was shared with me."

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    Hello. How to implement image compression using PHP? For example, there is a script that loads images, how to make sure that after the image is loaded, it is compressed in size? (not the width and height, but the image size itself). This is my task. I would like to order php assignment help. Can you recommend a good service?


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      Our field of activity does not stand still and always provides opportunities for experimentation. Another plus is the ability to avoid repe***ive work by automating monotonous processes. Your work will never go to waste, so if you did something well, you can use a similar approach several times. I want to say this to those who are afraid to start learning a program for making drawings. Guys, even if you need help with your drawing homework, it's okay. You can always find a service to help you. Here is the website - for this service.


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