Ryonet loves working with partners who open their shop to share their story and help people hone their skills and passion for screen printing! Shirt Agency, co-founded by Cole Lundstrom in 2012 alongside his partner Joni, first began by brokering screen printing work to larger companies. With a small customer base, they moved into a commercial space the following year and began manual screen printing in Downtown Los Angeles. Since that first space, Shirt Agency has expanded into a 7,000sqft facility in LA with 2 automatic ROQ presses. In 2017 they are opening another smaller operation in Rancho Cucamonga. Whether you have never printed before, want to learn about the newest inks and techniques, need a refresher on the basics, are ready for more advanced printing techniques, want to cut your prep time down, or ready to see what the next step in screen printing is...this is your class!