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  • ISS Houston TX 2019 - How to Create Value and Turn Sense Into Dollars

    Ryan Moor and, our good friend, Brett Bowden, of Printed Threads, will be speaking at ISS Houston on How to Create Value and Turn Sense Into Dollars.


    This industry is driven on price and there are thousands of screen printers competing in it. In this seminar, you will learn a step-by-step strategy that you can create a system and implement to get more cash (i.e. profit) out of the same work. This holistic approach will cover market niche, consultative and value selling, art, shirt selection, ink and screen selection, additional services, presentation, delivery and follow through. For those who attend the class, we also will provide you a process toolset you can take back to your team and integrate into your system.

    In this Seminar, you'll learn:
    • Dialing in your Market. How to turn the red ocean and bloody waters into a green or blue ocean full of opportunity. Consultative selling. Learn strategies and tools how to become a part of the sales process and not just an order taker
    • Art. Let's face it, it's a huge bottleneck for more print ***s, and we’ll teach you tools and provide resources you can use to turn art into a compe***ive advantage and value creator
    • Additional services. How can you offer the same client more services adding additional revenue to the order with minimal work? Presentation and delivery. Ways you can create an experience out of this and always impress. Follow through. It’s 10x less work

    Click here for more info!
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