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  • What is the Handicap Bet in Football? Tips for Consistent Winning

    In football betting, you are probably familiar with various types of odds, such as the Asian handicap, over/under odds, and others. But what about the handicap bet in football? If you're not familiar with this type of bet, let's explore it together in this article with Wintips.

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    What is the Handicap Bet in Football?
    In football betting, the handicap bet, also known as the kick-off bet, requires players to predict which team will win the kick-off before the match starts and place their bet on that team.
    The handicap bet is settled quickly, as the result is known right from the beginning of the match. It is considered a side bet. If the match is postponed after the kick-off, the results at the time of the kick-off will still be valid.
    The introduction of the handicap bet aims to add excitement and appeal for players since it is settled rapidly, and players do not have to wait for the full 90 minutes of official play to know the outcome. Due to this quick nature, the handicap bet is considered the riskiest type of bet for players. If you're looking to bet on football purely for entertainment, it's better to go for simpler bets without much analysis, unlike the handicap bet.
    Characteristics of the Handicap Bet in Football
    In football betting, there are various types of bets, and each type has its own rules. Compared to other types of bets, the handicap bet is much easier to play, as players do not need to calculate too much or analyze the match beforehand.
    With the handicap bet, players only need to predict and bet on the team they believe will win the kick-off. There's no need to wait until the match ends. Given the fast-paced nature of the kick-off bet, players need to be sharp, accurate in their predictions, and have a good understanding of both teams participating in the match.

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    Tips for Consistent Winning in the Handicap Bet
    To increase your chances of winning in the handicap bet, experts share the following tips for playing this type of bet:
    Focus on the home team:
    Since the handicap bet does not require players to consider the final score or match result, players should focus on studying the home team. Typically, the home team has more advantages and better form, making them more likely to win the kick-off.
    To win your bets, find out which team is the home team and which one is the away team. Based on this information, you can make a reasonable bet, but also consider the case where one team plays as the away team and study the strength of both teams.
    Use the progressive betting strategy:
    This strategy is commonly used by experienced bettors, but it should only be applied with a small amount of money.
    Using the progressive strategy, you won't face many losses in the handicap bet because if you lose a bet, you'll double your stake (x2) in the next bet. If you win, you'll bet with your initial stake again, and most players stop after doubling their stake four times. Don't bet your entire initial stake.
    Avoid following the crowd:
    When participating in the handicap bet, players should avoid following the crowd. You should have your own perspective and playing style because betting with the crowd will expose you to higher risks.
    Additionally, players need to maintain a clear and decisive mindset, avoiding hesitation and making accurate predictions instead.
    Rely on specific statistics:
    For beginners in the handicap bet, it can be challenging to predict which team will win the kick-off, as it depends on the referee's coin toss. However, experienced players have developed their own strategies.
    Players should check the statistics on previous handicap bets for the teams involved, such as the percentage of times each team has won the kick-off. Based on this data, you can make more accurate predictions for yourself.

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    Once you understand what the handicap bet in football is and the tips we've shared above for playing it, your chances of winning will increase. Good luck
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