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  • Types of Bets You Should Avoid in Football Betting

    Have you known about the types of bets you should avoid in football betting? This is an essential matter that all bettors must be aware of, especially newcomers. Nowadays, football betting platforms offer various types of bets with different odds, but not all bets are easy to win.
    To help you understand which bets to avoid more easily, let's refer to the following article!

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    Why are there certain types of bets to avoid?
    In sports betting in general, and football betting in particular, there are many types of bets that bookmakers exploit and offer to players. Notable examples include Asian handicap, European handicap, Over/Under (OU), and Correct Score bets. Each type of bet has its own method of determining win-loss outcomes and corresponding rewards suitable for each player's preferences.

    So why should you avoid some bets? Is it because of bookmakers cheating, or are there certain bets that you should stay away from? There are indeed some bets that you should avoid due to the risk of potential losses when deciding to place wagers.
    These are the characteristics of bets you should be cautious about:
    They offer enticingly high rewards for players, promising the chance to make millions with a small amount of capital.
    The risk of failure is extremely high due to the lack of solid prediction and analysis.
    They are not the main or familiar types of bets like Handicap, 1×2, or OU.
    In reality, these types of bets are still available daily at bookmakers, but not every player knows how to differentiate and avoid them.

    Types of bets you should avoid in football betting
    Below are some types of football bets that you should avoid, specifically:

    First Goal Scorer Bet
    The first goal scorer bet requires you to predict which team will score the first goal in the match. If you are not an experienced bettor with a lot of online football betting experience, this is a bet you should avoid. Predicting the first goal scorer is almost impossible.
    Moreover, in football, there are often unexpected factors that lead to goals, such as mistakes made by defenders or midfielders. Therefore, if you are hesitant about which bets to avoid, the first goal scorer bet should be at the top of your list. Typically, bookmakers offer high rewards to compensate for the risk players take with this type of bet.

    Last Goal Scorer Bet
    In terms of difficulty and risk of failure, this bet is on par with the first goal scorer bet. During the final minutes of a match, both teams tend to push for more attacks to improve the scoreline, so any team can score the last goal. Moreover, there have been cases where the goalkeeper himself scored the last goal of the match. Therefore, anything can happen, making it virtually impossible for you to predict accurately. Instead, focus on betting on the final score or goal difference for a better chance of winning. This is especially crucial for newcomers with limited skills and experience in following the fluctuations of different types of bets and seeking "results."

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    First Throw-in Bet
    Regarding the bets you should avoid, the first throw-in bet also needs to be noted. With this bet, you must predict which team will be awarded the first throw-in during the official playing time (90 minutes + extra time). Just hearing it makes it difficult, doesn't it? Because throw-ins occur frequently during a regular football match, predicting which team gets the first one is extremely challenging. Therefore, you should not foolishly place money on this bet if you don't want to lose your money.

    Total Number of Throw-ins Bet
    Besides the specific bets mentioned above, there are also total throw-in bets for both teams in the match. With this bet, players need to predict the exact number of throw-ins that both teams will take throughout the official playing time. By looking at these stipulations alone, you can see the difficulty and the risk of losing money that you will face if you decide to participate in this type of bet. Throw-ins occur frequently in football matches, and it is almost impossible for viewers, players, or referees to predict the actual number of them.
    Hence, for those who wish to place wagers, accurately predicting the number of throw-ins is close to impossible. However, if you enjoy testing your luck, you can still give it a try.

    Some supplementary bets/side bets
    Different bookmakers might have varying groups of side bets.
    Typically, the types of bets you should avoid include:
    Goalscorer bets
    Overwhelming winning bets
    Goal difference bets
    So, avoid placing your money on these obscure football bets if you don't want to lose your money. This fear applies not only to newcomers but also to experienced bettors.

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    These are the types of bets you should avoid in football betting, right? Take note of them and steer clear of these bets when you see them on the betting boards of bookmakers to protect your betting capital. I hope this article will be helpful for you in your football betting journey, and I wish you good luck
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