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  • Not Promoting; Seeking Advice

    Not promoting; seeking advice

    Hey screen printing community!

    My fiancé Cameron, and myself; Mandy, have finally gotten our business off the ground, and have a website published, and a couple events coming up for pop-up markets. Currently, we have done a couple business related orders and a gas station bought around 8 lines of our personal creations.

    I have come to a stale mate. I haven't really seen my website gain much traffic. I'm not sure on my web design or SEO compatibility. I believe my pictures are good, descriptions are fun, and the About Us page really connects the customer to us. I also got a 100$ advertising credit on Google Ads for registering my business with Google. Most of those clicks are coming from Youtube, but I'm not sure how they correlate their ads to what website/channel they end up being featured on, so I'll just leave it up to Google-magic.

    I have never done any form of web design or have any experience with creating internet stuffs. I'm not here to promote my brand; I fully understand we are all screen printers and we are all gifted enough to make the same EXACT shirt I have up for sale for a much cheaper price.

    That being said, no matter your experience level (I am self-taught due to a lot of researching, videos, hours upon hours of trial and error, and swapping out different equipment for better quality, etc.) if you are still arguing with getting your formulas (how long to expose, coating screens too heavily, or not realizing humidity has a HUGE role in the whole debacle, etc) to work, THERE IS HOPE!

    I literally went from working retail (assistant store manager of Walmart for 6 years) to learning this trade strictly with my computer/cell phone. I have so many notebooks (and some that are in the trash lol) filled to the brim on different tips/tricks, how to's, FAQ's, etc on screen printing. On the surface, it looks so easy, but props to everyone who has taken the time to figure it out and hasn't completely given up lol, I know I wanted to throw my manual screen press or exposure unit thru the wall a couple times, but I wasn't strong enough (I'm 4ft 11inches, and weigh 85lbs soaking wet lol) haha.

    So forreal, dont give up! The feeling you get when you lift the screen after your final print stroke, and you see your design in real life in front of you; it is completely breathtaking.

    If anyone has a minute, please let me know some constructive criticism on the website, 2 heads (or as many as I can get involved) is better than one. I'm a techno-tard and I will be the first to admit it, so please feel free to call me out on ANYTHING you see.

    Thank you again, and if there is anything I can do to help your brand in return, I will. Thank you!

    Mandy, Sixt33n
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