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  • Media/Shirt Color for the Color Shirt Production Que?

    What is the best way to handle colored shirts when using the Colored Shirt Production que? I am printing the same print onto four different shirts, each a different color. Should I just set the shirt color for black and run with it? Or should I set the shirt color as close as I can get and change it for each print/shirt?

    In case it makes a difference, the four shirts are Gildan Tropical, Texas Orange, Daisy, and Sand.

    What have you done and how will did it work? Any suggestions for me? Any warnings for me?

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    I just use the Color Shirt Production queue and save the design as a transparent PNG or use an Illustrator file to do this the best way. Unless you have a color in the design that you want to remove to use as the color of the shirt, you should be able to use the same design for all different colors.


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