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  • Shop Dogs and the Echo Printer?

    This is going to take a minute to set up before I can get to my question..... stick with me please....

    My print studio is in my home, it's an In-Law apartment that doesn't have any in-laws living in so I converted it to a work space. Since it is part of my home and I have two dogs, the dogs qualify as 'shop dogs' when they are in the studio. So far so good, the question is coming up.....

    I got my Echo a couple of weeks back and have been using it more and more each day. Since I got the Echo I have noticed both dogs leave the studio the minute I turn the machine on. And after a little while the oldest dog comes and tries to herd me away from the machine, she gets between me and the machine and pushes against my legs.

    OK, here's the question finally....

    Do any of you have the Echo AND have Shop Dogs? Do your dogs react to the Echo when it is running? Or do I just have two weird dogs?

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    Haven't heard that one before! Our shop dog Fitz doesn't seem to mind it or pay attention to it. Not sure what would be causing that.


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