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  • How to tell when a cartridge is actually empty?

    I just noticed that the printer is telling me the cartridge is full. But it isn't, it is near empty. I guess this is because the start up procedure has you remove and shake the cartridges? I remember seeing something in the instructions about the weight of a full versus an empty cartridge but now I can't find that bit anywhere. So.....

    How do i tell when a cartridge is empty enough to replace? I mean other than looking at it and realizing it's low?

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    Howdy! Yes, the system will always say the cartridges are full because the Polyprint resets the chips on the cartridges. Since we're using an Epson print head in it we have to bypass that sensor. So, what I do is check the cartridges when I shake them in the morning to see if I can see any at all through them. If you can see a little through the bag in the cartridge, replace it. It may look like there is still a good amount of ink left in the cartridge, but there really is very little left. I like to check the color cartridges every other day or so when I turn it on too. You run through so little CYMK overtime that you'll not need to worry too much about it.

    Also, if you get the 1404 error during startup that is an indication that ink is low or air could be in the lines from the ink being low.


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