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  • Initialization taking too long?

    Just got my Echo turned on for the first time, fed it the ink cartridges per the instructions, the initialization started and the instructions said 10 ish minutes.... it's been a hour now. What did I do wrong and what do I do to start over?

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    It was getting late so I left it going overnight. Just checked it and it says ready to print.

    I am pretty sure that wasn't normal, should I be worred that ti took so long?


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      Hi Chip,

      No worries on this. All is well and sometimes it can take a little long. There's a trick to speed it up by opening and closing the ink cover to trigger a faster initializing. Before you get into printing I would recommend performing two head cleanings by going through the top menu and then doing a nozzle check. The machines are shipped with some solvent ink and "travel fluid" to make sure the lines and head are safe. Doing a head cleaning or two will guarantee that all ink is fully charged and only digital ink is running through the lines and head.

      Take a look at this video that shows you the recommended daily startup and how to do a head cleaning/nozzle check. Should be pretty quick and you'll be good to go from there.

      Looking forward to our call tomorrow and please feel free to reach out to me directly if needed as well.


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