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  • Pretreatment and Curing Process for Dark Garments

    Pretreatment and Curing Process

    Standard Process and Settings when printing with Dupont Inks through a Polyprint Echo2. (Always recommended to prepress all garments before pretreating to help remove excess moisture from the garment before applying pretreat.)

    Garment: Average Ringspun 100% Cotton Dark Garment

    Ink Colors Used: CMYK+W
    Pretreat Used:
    • Dupont 5003
    • Firebird FBX-100 (shorten press time to 35 seconds)

    Pretreat Curing Heat Press Settings
    • Temp: 340
    • Pressure: Medium to High
    • Press Time: 40 seconds
    Pretreat Procedure:
    • Pre-press garment for 10 to 15 seconds to remove any excess moisture.
    • Apply pretreatment (typically 25 to 30 grams for standard ringspun dark garments)
    • Lay on heat press and use either a tefflon sheet or Polyprint Parchment Paper.
    • Press using medium to high pressure for 40 seconds.
      • Parchment paper should NOT be stuck to garment when pretreat is dry.

    Final Cure Heat Press Settings
    • Temp: 340
    • Pressure: Low
    • Press Time: 120 seconds

    Final Cure Procedure:
    • Hover for 30 seconds
    • Apply Teflon or Polyprint Parchment Paper
    • Press at low pressure for 120 Seconds
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