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  • Printing DTG on Both Sides of A Garment

    There are a couple of tips that will help with printing on both sides of a garment with DTG.

    1. DO NOT pretreat both sides before printing. You'll want to pretreat one side, print/cure and then pretreat the other side to print/cure.
    2. Thread or dress the garment on your heat press if possible.
    3. Print the smallest design first and then finish up with the largest design.

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    This just saved me a phone call. Thank you.


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      Printing DTG on both sides of a garment, First, we have to create a design and after creating essay services reviews that design it becomes necessary to choose all of these slides which are perfect for the reason when you start to manage these different garments ideas which you also can design for you only.
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        Printing DTG on both sides of a garment is a great way to add an additional design element or style. While it might not be the right decision for all shops, there are numerous benefits of Burger King Survey and printing DTG on both sides when done right. Printing DTG on both sides will allow you to better match-print two colors for a two-toned effect. For example, if you were printing gray and red ink, matching the gray to print on the black shirt and red on white, this would create a two-toned effect.


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