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  • How close can I put a heat press to a DTG?

    Using a heat press next to a DTG is very common, however, you need to be careful to not have it too close. I personally have my pretreatment machine in between my DTG and heat press. However, at tradeshows, this is commonly not an option.

    So, how close can you put a heat press to a DTG? I do not recommend getting closer than 12" at the bare minimum...16" preferable. Heat presses like the Hotronix Fusion are great since the heating element is not sending heat out like a clamshell will. If you're running a clamshell style heat press, I would put it a little further away.

    The other thing to consider is which side the put the heat press on. If you have to put the heat press next to your printer, make sure to put it on the opposite side of where the ink is. On the Polyprint Echo2, that would be putting it on the right side of the printer when looking at it straight on. This side is also where you have access to lower the capping station, so you will definitely have to keep it 16" away so you can have easy access to the side of the unit. If you have a DTG with the ink split on both sides of the printer, I would put it on the side that DOES NOT have white ink in it.
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