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  • Switch to Dupont 5003 from 5001

    Dupont has two main pretreatment solutions for DTG printing on dark shirts. The 5001 was originally made to use with a heat press for the final cure of the garment. The 5003 is made for dryers. After a couple months of testing, I've found that using the 5003 is the best setup when using either a dryer or heat press for the final cure of the DTG print. Below are my findings.
    • Faster final cure time! - 120 Seconds at 340 Degrees F using Low Pressure
    • Works better with polyblends like triblends and 50/50
    • Gives you the option to use a conveyor dryer (forced air or gas dryer is required.
    Give it a try and let us know what you think. You can find this pretreatment HERE.
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