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  • Pretreat Curing Settings - Dupont and Firebird Pretreat

    Here are the heat press settings recommended to properly cure either Dupont or Firebird pretreatment.

    Temperature: 340 Degrees Farenheight
    Pressure: Medium to High
    Time: 40 Seconds

    Using parchment paper or a Teflon sheet is required.

    TIP: When using parchment paper, a good sign that the pretreat is correctly cured is when the paper glides off the shirt when the heat press comes up. If it sticks to the shirt, the pretreat is not fully cured and will need to be pressed a bit longer.

    TIP2: If you have a heat press that allows you to thread, or dress, the garment it's recommended to do so. This will require less pretreat on the garment and you will not have to worry about any possible wrinkles on the back of the garment.
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