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  • How do you tell how much pretreatment is on a garment?

    When you're dialing in your pretreatment process it's very important to make sure you're putting on the proper amount of pretreat. The easiest way to do this is by weighing the garment before and after you've applied pretreat.

    1. Grab a bowl, a garment and a gram scale.
    2. Place the bowl on the gram scale and tare it so the scale reads 0.0.
    3. Put the garment in the bowl and note the weight of the garment.
    4. Pretreat the garment.
    5. Weight the pretreated garment when it is still wet.
    6. The difference between the pretreated garment weight and the dry garment weight will give you the amount of pretreat you've applied.
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