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  • Black ink not printing? Is there a way to run the Head Clean on a single color?

    I switched out to a new set of black ink cartridges and now the black is not printing at all.

    Switched the cartridges back to the old set since they were almost, but not quite empty, but no joy.

    Swapped in a second set of new black carts.... still no joy.

    Tried multiple head cleaning cycles. Tried multiple heavy cleaning cycles. Managed to fill the waste ink container in the process (not the prettiest green color when done).

    Print nozzle check shows a good solid print on every color except black. Zero black ink is making it through the head.

    Is there a way to run the head-clean cycle but only for one color?

    Is there some sort of power-clean option that will 'blow it out' or whatever you want to call it?

    Help please......

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    Did you ever figure out how to fix this? Having the same issue.


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