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  • What am I doing wrong? Pretreat help needed

    Noticed an uneven spray pattern from my Pearl so I switched to a new spray nozzle and got this instead. Very nice spots, but not part of the art.

    I am just about ready to chuck this whole system into the rubbish bin...... Error codes from the printer that take multiple restarts to get past, then just hoping it doesn't throw an error code in the middle of a print and now the pretreat process has gone to ****e. It's only been a few months since install so should I really be having this many problems this quickly?

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    That's a weird one on the pretreat. I'm going to send a message to Pearl real quick with you CC'd in it to get a specific answer from them quick.

    What additional error codes are you still getting? Please send me a quick message with them and we'll get it dialed in.


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      I own the nice people at Pearl an apology for all the mean things I was thinking about their machine.....

      The problem seems to not be with the nozzle or pretreat but some sort of reaction with the shirt.

      I ran the art on a different shirt and it turned out fine. I ran the blue shirts back through the pretreat process (that would make a double coat) and print again and got the void spots.

      Here is a sample output on the twice-treated blue shirt, and the same art on two other shirts that had the usual pretreat done.

      These blue shirts, by the way, are fresh shirts. I ordered for this job a few days before I started printing. Any issue in the shirt would have come from the Sanmar warehouse or further upstream in manufacturing.

      Still need ideas please.

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