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  • Printing on the front of a hoodie

    What's the trick to getting a quality print on the front of a hoodie? The pocket is tripping the limit switch and I have to lower the platen so much that the head is a long way from the actual part of the sweatshirt that is being printed, and doesn't offer a crisp print. Thanks

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    There are two options. The first option is to use the youth platen. This allows for the pocket to hang below the platen so the height sensor will not trip.

    The next option is to use cardboard, wood or something s****y and flat to build up the printed area so it's above where the pocket sits. You'll want to use something that is 1/8" to 3/16" thick and place it on the top area of the platen where your print will be. Using some spray tack/waterbased adhesive helps keep the "riser" in place.


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      Thanks! I will build a riser.


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        If you going to be printing lots of hoodies grab the Polyprint Youth and Toddler Platen - 11x12.5 in. work really good!


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          i found a site, who print hoodies at lowest price and the quality was really good, have a look


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