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  • Printers On Press: Talking Shop with 320 Ink

    What's cool about 320 Ink is how they've managed to grow to where being more selective in what type of work they do and what clients they take on allows them to be more and more successful. It's almost a counterintuitive thought but makes sense when you factor in everything from production capabilities to customer satisfaction, being selective on jobs can be incredibly beneficial in the longer term. It becomes easier when you're an established shop but the down side is that's difficult early on in a print shop when you're eager to grow your customer base and need to bring in cash...and fast! I wonder where the balance is?
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    Wow, such a cool glimpse behind the scenes. Drue's focus on quality and nurturing the best customer experience is fantastic, cheers!


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      po dahora esse jogo ai gostei.


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