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  • Printing Shirts and Planting Trees

    Forests cover 30% of the world. According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, about 18 million acres of forests are lost each year. World Resources Ins***ute says that the loss of forests contributes 12%–17% of annual global greenhouse gas emissions. Trees are incredibly important for our earth and our livelihood. A local print shop has made it part of their mission and business to combat deforestation and give back to the environment.

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    Hey, Nice Article thanks for sharing with us....


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        In a world full of enormous corporate media outlets and social media platforms, it's simple to get lost in the shuffle. With only a handful of blogs (including this one) left standing you often get overwhelmed with all the content that reaches your huffington post screen daily. I'm here to show you how to use these resources in the most efficient way possible. Today I recommend printing shirts and planting trees.


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