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  • Financial Planning For Your Screen Printing Business

    Business and personal insurance, as well as a healthy plan for savings and retirement, are a must for anyone running their operation. In Jim Collins’ book “Great by Choice,” he explains that luck is a very real thing— good or bad, every person and business is at the whim of luck. What sets great companies apart is that they choose to prepare for the day that good or bad luck strikes, allowing them to capitalize on the good and mitigate the bad for a healthy “Return on Luck” (ROL)....

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    The success of Printing Business will depend on the number of print buying customers that knows about it. Target corporate organizations and individuals who would need the services of screen printing companies. Another thing is the Publicity and Advertising Strategy, this is very important.


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      Many small-scale screen printers start by working under their names. When you're just starting, it may make sense to apply for loans and credit with your bank account and credit card. Separating your finances from your company protects you from the consequences of problems with your business in the future.


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