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  • ORLANDO - FOR SALE - FULL ScreenPrinting SetUp

    Entire screen-printing business for sale. Everything you need to get started.

    From all the equipment in the screen-printing process, to ink to blank shirts, etc etc.. I’m selling everything in one shot. I ran this business successfully for 5+ years, but I’m moving to another city and cannot take all this with me. Sad because this was a great side hustle. Brought in about 1k a month without doing it full-time.

    I’m looking to sell everything together for a great price. Unfortunately I’m selling the house soon so I cannot afford to hang on to anything, so no cherry picking except for maybe the bigger items.

    But, because I have to sell everything together and quickly, I’m listing it all for one great price.

    List of items:

    - Riley Hopkins 6 colors, 4 station, with XY micro adjustments press (needed for professional level multi-color work to line up the colors perfectly) [new $2,700]

    - Riley Hopkins 4 color, 1 station press [new $399]

    - Vastex DB-30 infrared curing system, conveyor belt [new $3,000]

    - Stand-alone flash dryer, to cure (dry) each color in a multi-color job [new $500]

    - Blackline Washout Booth for washing your screens [new $300-$500]

    - Screen Dunk Tank - for dunking your screens to make washing the emulsion off and reclaiming your screens easier [new $300]

    - Newman Roller Frame adjustment table - used with roller frame screens to make your own screens and adjust the tightness [new about $2,000]

    - 30+ screens that can be reclaimed [new about $20 each]

    - 10+ roller frames that can be reclaimed or the roller frames that can be used with other mesh [new about $30 each] - 20+ ink colors - 5+ wood squeegees, different sizes

    - 20+ spatulas for ink handling

    - Additional station tables for kids size shirts and extra big shirts or posters.

    - Lightbulb for exposing screens (the dark box I have it in cannot be transferred unfortunately, it’s built into the house.

    - Some cleaning supplies and other little things needed in a screen printing office

    - Software for printing half-tones (unaware of it works on newer windows computer, I’ve been running it on an old PC. You might have to purchase an upgrade

    - Epson 1400 wide format printer - Prints up to 13 x 19 size paper and transparencies, handles halftone printing [new $1,000]

    - Ream of 13 x 19 transparency paper and ream of 13 x 19 white paper

    - Multiple little tools and things needed in a screen printing warehouse

    - Boxes of blank shirts to get started right away or practice. Over 100 shirts, different colors and sizes.

    I’ll probably think of more things I have and continue to add to this list lol. The prices next to each item are just for reference of how much they are when bought new. Over $10,000 in the bigger equipment alone if bought new, not counting the screens and little extras (squeegees, spatulas, ink, paper, etc).

    Selling everything for $7,000 OBO This is literally everything you need to start a screen-printing business or add to your business.

    From 0-100, if you have no equipment and have thought about starting a side hustle, every little thing to start a pro-level business is here. Any questions please feel free to reach out.

    For some reason, I cannot upload the pictures I have of the setup. Please reply or send me a message and I'll gladly send over the pictures.

    Thank you

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    Drying Cabinet?


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      postrenaissance is this equipment still available? If so, can you send me pictures of the items? Thanks.


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